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DIY Easter Egg Yard Art - Or Door hanger / How to

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

I have had so many messages saying “ I can’t paint like that”

oh , yes you can! Our paint by line engraved products help you!

There is no mess up when painting. There is “cover up” 🤦‍♀️🎨

So grab your acrylic paints and brushes.

I typically use

a thin tip

a small rough

a small angled

larger angle

First paint the basic colors. The main objects.

It will look

a little crazy like this ⬇️

Remember messing up is ok.

I have three littles and it never fails that my son has to touch everything in sight 😂

See the mess ups! No editing

That’s real there. Pretty sloppy.

After the basics are done.

Grab a shade lighter or darker then what you previously used.

Dark pink - I use light pink

turquiose- I use teal

dark green- Lime green

yellow- I use orange


Just basically any shade opposite of what you used the first time.

You will: use a small rough brush and tab it in the paint then on a towel to get some off. You don’t want a lot on the brush.

I use a rougher brush not a thin tip for this.

I want the color to be bold woth wide strokes not thin.

(The black and white I like the thin brush. )

Dab it on the towel to take some off.

Then you will follow the the design and cover up the messes.

It will look something like this ⬇️

Remember if u paint outside a line it’s ok!

The lines are a great guide and in the end the texture of the engraved lines are fabulous!

Remember, that’s what black gray and white are for 🤦‍♀️🎨 To Cover up the messes. You will add these colors everywhere you see a mess up.

So when its complete grab grab that white , gray and black! This is the key and eye popping At the end! ❤️

There is no wrong way. Just start at it!

Use the same size brush or a thin tip.

I use thin tip.

See that gray on the white?

Yep I messed up so I brushed over it with gray. It’s ok!

Wow !! that a lot of gray! Ha.

No but really I added a little more gray then the mess ups. So it evens it out.

Tip: If this is going to be outside in the yard I suggest getting a Sealer.

Dreft has an easy spray on sealer for outdoor use.

Door hanger : Glue jute, ribbon or rope to the back to make a door hanger.

Your done! I bet it looks fabulous!

Send us pics, tag us. We would love to see the work you did.

Enjoy and don’t forget to grab some wine and friends next time your painting.

Want a different design? We can make it.

The Rustic Deer

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