This listing is for two names as shown. With two different fonts as shown.First is Print Second is smaller and cursive.Please note that the measurements will be for 2 names staggered exactly like the photo.This means the measurements are combining each name for a total   | each name isn’t that full size. UNPAINTED Made of cabinet grade MDF for easy spray painting and no sanding.1/2" thick - thicker then laser cut.The measurements for the width - from the highest point of the saying to the lowest point of the saying/names.Example James Dale 30" option******is actually 40" wide by 20"  tall TOTAL if hung as shown                 JAMES 30"wide  x 7.5" tall                 DALE  14.5"wide  x 10.5" tallJames Dale 40" option***********is actually 50" wide by 25" tall                                    JAMES 40" WIDE BY 10" TALL                 DALE 20" WIDE BY 14" TALLIf you would like a mock up of the names please email contact@therusticdeer,comNo hanger.Best hung with command strips or off small nails.

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