Sturdy RAW Metal Yard Art with stakes


Bear with heart 10” wide  x 5.5” tall 
Dog sitting with snowflake  10” wide x 12.5” tall
Dog standing with snowflake 12.5 “ wide x 10” tall 
Happy New year 16” wide x 8.5” tall
Hey Y’all 10” wide x 8.5” tall
Joy 10” wide x 4.5” tall 
Leaping deer 10” wide 9.5” tall
Moose 10” wide x 7” tall
Penguin 8” wide x 7.5” tall
Pumpkin  10” wide x 9.5” tall
Santa feet 15.5” wide x 11” tall
Snowflake 10” wide x 10” tall
Texas  10” wide x 9.5” tall 
2021 10.5” x 8.5” 
2021 masks off 15” wide x 9.5” tall 

Adorable in a flower pot!
Leave raw as is... Will I rust? Yes, in time out in the elements. 
You can use a clear spray paint to seal the raw metal color when u receive it to prevent rust.
Or spray paint your metal piece any color!

Hey Ya'll Metal Yard Stake

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