What a lovely baby shower gift, nursery backdrop wall decor, party backdrop, wedding ,photo prop, first birthday and more! I love it above a bed!

Measures:If hung in a straight line: 60" x 14"

Hung as shown in two lines 35"x 24"1/2” thickNot laser cut - thicker than laser wood - 4 pieces.

Sold -just the words -unpainted Unfinished giving you the opportunity to paint to match your decor. What you will receive is just the wood words. Best tot hang directly on the wall with command strips.or off fishing line for boxwood backdropsWant another quote- please email us for a quote and size.❤ SPECIAL OFFER ❤Pin our listing to your Pinterest board and I'll send you a coupon code for 10% off! After you have pinned to your board please convo me for your coupon code.

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